The Beatus Cras, colloquially called the BC, is a self-sufficiency oriented simulationist micronation located within the great state of Texas, USA. A micronation is an unrecognized nation that is usually less-than-serious about actually being separate from whatever country they find themselves in, also known as a macronation (macronations are countries recognized by the UN, and include most nations you can find on a map). As a simulationist micronation, we do not attempt to claim sovereignty from the United States; rather, we claim the status of a hobby that has the added benefit of annoying the government. To learn more about micronations and what type of projects fall under that term, click here!

So what is the BC?

The Beatus Cras is Latin that roughly translates to a happy or blissful tomorrow. That is our mission– to make tomorrow’s world a happier place by doing things today. Most people focus on what should have been done better in the past, but don’t look around at what can be done today. By taking action today, we can make an impact-rather than wishing we had done better yesterday. Environmental sustainability and community engagement are our focuses. We believe in working towards self-sufficiency, and making small changes in our lives that can make all the difference. We’re also focused on maintaining individual connections to each other-this is a community, and we want to get to know each other. 

What do we do?

To help our members (and you!) stay engaged, we publish monthly challenges focused around themes, such as: recycling, energy use, and other broad categories.  If you complete a challenge, tell us about it!