For September, the BC is focusing on conservation of food! There is a lot of food uncertainty right now, with the effects of the covid pandemic on supply chains, as well as natural disasters in our neighboring country reducing the amount of food that can be harvested. So this month, we are doing what we can to reduce food waste and excess.

  • Focus shopping on what you need
    • Look in your pantry and see what you can make with what you have
    • Use lists when shopping to buy only what you know you will eat
    • Stop buying foods that go bad before they are finished, or buy smaller portions
  • Buy imperfect and local
    • Shop at stores that sell imperfect produce
    • Shop at a farmers market and keep it local
    • Look for locally-grown foods in your supermarket, many times they will be labelled
  • Find ways to save fresh foods for later 
    • Buy fresh frozen foods to use when they are needed, rather than before they go bad
    • Cook foods that do not freeze well
    • Learn how to can fruits and veggies to use when they are out of season


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