With the onset of summer, your council has deemed the topic of heat protection of the utmost importance for the months of May and June. With summer comes hotter temperatures, and we all need to know how to protect ourselves and others from extreme heat. Check out the challenges below to see how you can take on the summer!

  • Protect yourself
    • Learn the signs of dehydration and heat exhaustion, as well as heat stroke. Practice being aware of your body in hot environments, and take time to cool off when needed.
    • Stay hydrated, and keep your skin hydrated too! UV rays can cause damage to your skin, even if you don’t burn. Use water and sunscreen to stay hydrated throughout the day.
    • Keep your house cool when the temperature spikes- use light-blocking curtains and fans to keep cool air circulating inside.
  • Help others
    • Check on your friends and neighbors, especially if they are elderly or unused to hotter climates.
    • Try to keep extra water on hand to give to delivery drivers or those around you.
    • Teach others about the dangers present during high temperature days, and help them to learn when to take breaks and cool off.
  • Protect the environment
    • Help conserve your community’s summer water supply by only watering lawns and landscaping when it is needed. Water usage for lawns spikes in the summer, and a lot of that water goes to waste through evaporation or runoff.
    • Warmer temperatures means more activities are held outside. Remember to clean up after outdoor events, and check to make sure no trash is left in the area.
    • Check out farmers markets in your area for locally grown produce, meat, and more! Your local farmers market may not be open year round, so making connections with the producers in your area now can help you when the markets are closed later on.


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