June’s challenges are all about protecting our friends in the water! Whether its rivers, lakes, or oceans, bodies of water (and those living in them) are everywhere! There are many different ways to protect aquatic environments, from reducing water waste, to keeping pollutants out of groundwater, to helping clean the oceans! Everyone can help in some way, and as always try and get others involved! Even something as simple as spreading information about pollutants can help protect your local water.

Ways you can help:

  • Be conscious of where your water goes!
    • Don’t flush medicines or chemicals down the drain
    • Anything going down a storm drain will end up in a stream
    • Pet waste can harm groundwater just as pesticides do
  • Conserve water!
    • Wash dishes and clothes in full loads, or wash things by hand!
    • Watch for leaky faucets and toilets
    • Plant native or drought-resistant plants
  • Get outside!
    • Clean up your local bodies of water
    • Pick up trash that could be washed into storm drains or streams
    • Tell others how to protect your water, and support people who do!

With this month’s challenge, remember the role businesses play in water usage- from watering large expanses of grass, to the impact of parking lots on runoff water, to the usage of chemicals and pesticides- businesses use and impact a lot of water! Tell your local businesses how they can reduce their impact and help their community. And as always, if you need help finding things to do locally, or if you need help with this challenge, let us know!


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