Have you read the Beatus Cras constitution? If you do, you will notice that we have “no standing armies, only militias when under imminent threat.” However, the nation is permitted to “maintain other types of defense mechanisms to ensure the safety of its territory and citizens, and also for fun.” It is under this authority that we announce the BC archery program. The aim of this program is both to create a sanctioned defense mechanism for the nation, and for fun. In preparation for this announcement, an archery range was established at the Neff Manor for the training of our citizens in archery. Here, citizens will be able to improve this nation-defending capability, and even be certified upon reaching various heights of achievement.

While this is not a typical challenge seen in our nation, the purpose of the challenges are to foster engagement between each other. So whether citizen or noncitizen, try out archery in the coming months. And for our citizens, consider joining the BC Archery Program. We look forward to hearing from you.


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