July’s challenges are focused on protecting yourself and others from UV rays and the summer heat! Many places are experiencing heat waves, and many people do not know how to protect themselves in very hot environments. Below we’ve compiled a few of the things you can do to keep yourself safe, as well as what you can do to help your friends and neighbors!

  • Watch out for others
    • Check on elderly neighbors
    • Offer water/ice to those around you, such as delivery persons and people commuting on public transportation/walking
    • Give water and drinks with electrolytes to the homeless in your area
  • Protect yourself
    • Stay hydrated- including hydrating your skin!
    • When outside, wear protective clothing and/or sunscreen, as well as sunglasses
    • Keep your house cool- keep curtains drawn during the day and air circulating
  • Remember pets
    • provide shade and water to animals that may be outside
    • Animals with short or shaved coats are at risk for sunburn if outside
    • Ask businesses to set out a water bowl for your pet when stopping outside a store or restaurant


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