December’s challenges are focused on bettering the conditions of the pets and helping any in need to find their forever homes. Many shelters will have a number of needs listed on their website, so after checking this list, find a shelter near you and check out what their specific needs are.

  • Love the Animals
    • Report any missing or stray pets to your community via social media. Ring and NextDoor create great mediums to spread the word to your neighbors. If you can, hang on to the pet and take care of it until you hear from the owner. (Keep in mind that cats are more free spirits and prefer to roam freely and will generally return to their owners regularly  unless you start feeding them)
    • Take note of any animals being left out or being mistreated by owners. Report mistreatment if you see it.
    • Pick a day and visit a shelter play, cuddle, and even offer to walk the pets. If there’s someone in your community with a need, offer to do the same with their pets.
  • Support a Shelter Near You
    • Find ways to raise money for shelters, or collect/take donations for things they need.
    •  Volunteer and clean out areas in shelters.
    • Look for alternatives on your grocery list that donate to animal shelters.
  • Be a Part of the Adoption Process
    • Spread awareness about adoption days and events hosted by the shelter.
    • Offer to help edit pet profiles on adoption sites.
    • Aid in kill shelter adoptions and see what you can do to transfer pets to no-kill shelters if possible.

-M. Hogan


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