Household sustainability is the theme of December! This month, we are looking for ways to reduce household waste, and make more sustainable choices.

  • Find ways to repurpose old objects
    • Make reusable items from old clothes, like cotton rounds or cleaning wipes
    • Save jars and use them as cups, or for storage
    • Fix up or repair an old piece of furniture rather than buy a new one
  • Think about sustainability before buying new things
    • Ask yourself “how long will this last?”
    • Think about what will happen to the item when you are done using it- will it be thrown away, recycled, or repurposed?
    • Look for similar items that are more sustainable instead
  • Think ahead when making large purchases
    • Consider alternate energy sources when looking at housing-can you install solar panels or buy renewable energy from your electric company?
    • Research the efficiency and lifespans of new appliances
    • If something large or costly breaks, consider the costs of repairing the item versus replacing it and throwing the old item away


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