Mental health awareness is the theme of March and April! During these months, we here at the BC are making ourselves aware of the struggles that others experience with mental health, and finding ways that we can help others out. 

  • Educate yourself
    • Learn about common types of mental illness and how it affects the people who suffer from it
    • Research local organizations that advocate for mental health awareness or help those affected by it
    • Find resources that discuss healthy mental habits, and analyze how healthy your habits are
  • Listen to others
    • Look up stories of those suffering from mental illnesses, and their perspectives on it
    • Ask your friends how they are doing, instead of assuming they are always okay
    • Don’t forget to listen to yourself as well, and ask if you are okay
  • Help to educate others
    • Talk to your friends about healthy habits for good mental health
    • Correct misconceptions you hear about mental health and mental illnesses
    • Share stories of those with mental illnesses to help their voices be heard
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