If you’re looking for a time to start improving your physical health, this theme is for you! During the months of May and June, the BC is focusing on improving our physical health habits. Staying active and creating healthy habits can be hard, so we put together a few challenges to get you started!

  • Start small
    • If you’re new to exercise, start by moving around more during your normal day- standing and walking around every hour, stretching a few times a day, etc.
    • Create easy habits to build on- if you want to run every morning, start by walking around the block every day to get into the habit of getting out consistently.
    • Work up to what you want, and don’t overdo it- a full workout may hurt beginners more than help them, so start with small workouts and short sessions.
  • Incentivize yourself
    • Create rewards for goals and stick to them- don’t reward yourself before you meet your goals.
    • Share your activity with others- there are many groups and apps that hold you accountable for your activity goals, and give you space to interact with others who have similar goals.
    • Think about why you’re improving your physical health- write out your end goals and why you want to improve, and place them somewhere you can see them every day.
  • Encourage yourself
    • Tell your friends about your progress- any progress is great, and sharing your accomplishments can encourage you to continue.
    • Try adding your pets to your routines- you may forget when it’s time to walk, but a dog won’t!
    • Look for technology that will remind you to be active- there are many apps and smart devices (eg. fitbits or active watches) that will remind you to be active daily, and will track your workouts and steps. Having quantitative data of your progress can highlight what you’ve accomplished.


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