The theme of July and August is energy conservation! Many areas this year, especially in Texas, have dealt with energy shortages and have needed to control their energy usage. Even when you don’t need to, conserving energy can be beneficial to both the environment and your wallet! Check out the challenges below to see how you can conserve energy!

  • Start small
    • Turn off things that use electricity when you leave the room- lights, fans, etc.
    • Unplug things not in use, like small appliances or chargers
    • Turn your thermostat up or down a few degrees when you leave the house, so you’re not heating/cooling empty space
  • Invest in energy efficient products
    • When they go out, swap out your incandescent lightbulbs for LED’s
    • When looking for large appliances, check their energy efficiency ratings
    • Look into smart appliances like thermostats that let you monitor their energy usage and let you turn them off remotely
  • Find new ways to conserve
    • Research the cost effectiveness of solar panels and windmills in your area. Many times, these green energy systems come with government assistance or tax breaks
    • Think about the energy usage of appliances versus doing tasks by hand. For example, hanging laundry to dry uses less energy than a dryer, but running your dishwasher saves water compared to washing by hand
    • Try to adjust your schedule so that activities that require a lot of light are done when the sun is up. Using the sun instead of electric lights is a great way to conserve energy


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