The challenges for July and August are all about the local resource most people forget- libraries! Libraries offer a wide range of resources, as well as trained librarians to help you find out more about every subject! This month, try and use your local library, and help others take advantage of this resource as well!

  • Use your libraries!
    • Visit your local library! See what all you can check out- books, movies, games, etc.
    • Find out what resources your library has- free databases, inter-library loans, computer/internet access
    • Libraries aren’t just for reading! Many offer meeting spaces, classes, and online services to their community- see what your library offers
  • Support local libraries
    • Donate unused books to your library, and go to their book sales!
    • Use the programs the library offers! The more people that use library services, the more funding they could get
    • Volunteer! Libraries almost always need volunteers to help- many have rooms for volunteers to read to children, if you don’t know where to start
  • Involve others
    • Talk to local officials about funding for libraries- many are underfunded
    • Make mobile or mailbox libraries in your neighborhood, or even your local park! This is a great way to get people reading who maybe don’t have the time/resources to get to a library
    • Tell your friends about what they can do at the library! Most people don’t know all the services they offer, and so don’t use them


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