The challenges for January and February are about watching our water waste! As it is winter for many of us, we are using water in different ways than we do in summer months. In summer, we may water plants and lawns, while in winter we may drip faucets to prevent them from freezing. Of course, precautions like dripping faucets are necessary for our safety and ability to access drinking water- this is not what these challenges are about. Instead, we are going to take a look at how we treat the water around us, and how it leaves our homes.

  • Think about your water
    • Don’t flush medicines or chemicals down the drain
    • Anything going down a storm drain will most likely end up in a waterway without going through a treatment plant
    • Pet waste not picked up can harm groundwater just as pesticides do
  • Take care of your lakes
    • Watch that your trash is not set where it can blow or be swept into the water
    • Remember to look for any hooks or lines still on fish before you release them
    • When swimming, check that nothing you are wearing will leech pollutants that can harm local aquatic life
  • Get outside
    • Look for waterways near you, and learn how they are affected by your city’s water management
    • Clean up your local bodies of water- look for places on the shore where trash collects and come with a trash bag
    • Pick up trash that could be washed into storm drains or streams


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