Reducing plastic waste is the theme of May and June. With up to 80% of plastic waste ending up in landfills or the ocean, reducing the amount of plastic waste we produce is a good way to lower our individual contributions to that number. Over the next two months, check out the challenges below and work on reducing plastic waste!

  • Buy Less Plastic
    • Pay attention to the packaging your products come in. Try to buy things that use non-plastic packaging.
    • Bring your own bags when shopping to reduce how many plastic bags end up in your home
    • Look for bulk stores in your area that allow you to use your own containers
  • Recycle
    • Learn what plastic numbers are recycled in your area, whether by curb pick-up or location drop off
    • Re-purpose plastic containers you already have to extend their lifespan
    • Ask your apartment complex about adding recycling to the complex, especially if your city already offers recycling to residents.
  • Working on the rest of the 80%
    • Write to companies that use plastic packaging and ask them to switch to plastic alternatives
    • Support businesses that choose non-plastic packaging
    • Talk to your local government about increasing their plastics recycling program to include more numbers and types of plastic waste.


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