October’s challenges are focused on caring for those in your community that are find themselves immobile – whether it be in their own home, in a hospital, or a nursing home. Some happen to find themselves in this position due to sickness, disease, or even just old age. And although some have family, many are treated poorly and are desperate need of encouragement. Check out how you can help in your community below:

  • Try Visiting Them
    • Find a friend, relative or a friend/relative of someone you know, and go with them and visit. Just being there can brighten someone’s day more than you can imagine.
    • Sit and take time to chat, specifically ask for and listen to their story.
    • Talk to the nurses or family to get to know them better.
  •  Offer Small Gifts
    • Write cards to them, start with one person, and then keep writing.
    • Give out simple nutritious foods like bananas. These are easiest for people in various conditions to eat due to the softness of the fruit.
    • Get together with others and make a care basket. Just don’t stop with just one!
  •  Get Others Involved
    • Ask someone to go with you when visiting. The more people who go, the more encouraging it can be.
    • Once you hear someone else’s story. Share it! The more people who know, the more others can care too.
    • Organize future events with others to come back. Christmas Caroling is a wonderful event that will be greatly appreciated by them in December.

-M. Hogan


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