November’s challenges are focused on sharing the food and plenty that we already have in front of us. Whether it’s by their own action, or outside their control, there are people in almost every community needing help getting food on their plates and on the plates of their children. See what types of needs you can meet below!

  • Learn About What Your Community Does and How You Can Contribute
    • Research about how much food is wasted in average households and in the country to see how you can change that in your home and community 
    • Look for a community garden or other produce freely growing on public land. See how you can contribute and take only what you need.
    • Seek out imperfect produce to purchase and use so it doesn’t go to waste.
  • Donate What You Can
    •  Collect food in your home and ask friends or neighbors for what can be donated to food pantries near you.
    •  If you already have a garden, think about what you can donate from that.
    •  Start a food drive in your community, school or work and motivate others to join in donating.
  • Volunteer Where You Find the Opportunity
    • Some churches and community organizations will have a regular feeding program. Try looking for one in your area and ask how you can volunteer
    • Advocate for stores to sell all produce and change any policies directing them to throw out imperfect produce
    • Look for a food pantry program near you and see how you can volunteer there.

-M. Hogan


Site owner and founder of the BC


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