Reducing plastic waste is the theme of October! Plastic is used in so many parts of our lives, and not all of it is (or even can be) recycled. So this month, we are finding ways to reduce our plastic waste any way we can!

  • Reduce the plastic you buy
    • Pay attention to the amount of plastic packaging that comes on things you buy, and try to find alternatives that use less plastic
    • Bring your own bags to stores to reduce the amount of plastic bags you bring home
    • Try shopping at bulk stores that allow you to bring your own containers!
  • Recycle what you can
    • Learn what numbers of plastic your area recycles, and make sure to save them
    • Find drop off locations for plastic that your area does not normally recycle, such as plastic bags
    • If your area does not offer any sort of recycling, ask your city council about introducing a recycling program
  • Reuse what you cannot recycle
    • Try creating plarn from plastic bags, and knit or crochet with them! You can create everything from bags to sleeping mats, which you can use or donate to shelters
    • Think of new ways to use plastic bottles- for example, as storage containers or in crafts
    • Make Ecobricks from bottles and non-recyclable plastic! These can be used for building projects or even furniture! For a tutorial, click here!


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