The theme for October was reducing plastic waste. We here at the BC used the month to find ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle our plastic waste! We carried reusable bags to the store to reduce the amount of plastic we took home, and reused the plastic bags we already had to create plarn. I am an avid crocheter, and used our new plarn to crochet a bag to replace the plastic bags used in stores. Like canvas bags, a crocheted plarn bag is much stronger than a normal plastic bag, and is easy to wash and reuse if something spills. We had a lot of fun cutting up our saved plastic bags to make this craft! 

The drawback of making plarn is the excess plastic that is cut off of the bags, which cannot be used. To keep from wasting these pieces, we started an eco brick! The waste from our bag gave us almost enough plastic to fill a 2-liter bottle. Making eco bricks is a good way to see how much non-recyclable plastic you use, and we plan to continue making eco bricks until we have enough to use them in a building project!

Did you reduce your plastic waste in October? Let us know!

In-progress photo of the plarn bag
Our eco brick will all the plastic scraps from making plarn


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