As fall creeps closer and the weather in our small nation begins to cool, the Beatus Cras is challenging you to look at another free resource found in many local communities: parks. Parks and green spaces are found in most urban areas. While most of these green spaces are maintained to some extent, even those that are cared for can become run-down over time. The challenges for the next two months will focus on doing our part to preserve the nature we see around us; cleaning up parks, supporting green spaces, and educating others about the importance of this resource in your community. 

  • Get to know your community resources 
    • Visit local parks, nature reserves, and green spaces. How many green spaces are around you? How much use do they get?
    • Go online and research your green spaces- Who owns them?  What goes into their upkeep? What are these spaces meant to accomplish?
    • Learn about the nature around you. Discover the tree types in your area, common plants, and what animals you may see!
  • Educate others
    • Bring a friend to the park! Hang out in green spaces instead of the mall, do homework together outside, or just take a detour through a park on your way somewhere.
    • Teach others about green spaces! Help people identify the plants around them, and their place in the ecosystem. Or tell them why the local nature reserve is so important, and how much you enjoy visiting.
    • Talk to your local parks and recreation department and help spread information about the recreation centers in your area, and what they offer
  • Preserve nature!
    • Clean up your local green spaces- clear out trash, check the safety of the paths, and tell local authorities if there is major work that needs done.
    • Donate or volunteer at your local green spaces. Do they need guides? Do they need updated information pamphlets? Ask what your local spaces need!
    • Talk to local authorities about creating more green spaces near you, or increasing funding to those already established.


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