As we get further into 2023, the Beatus Cras has decided to focus on a topic vital to our very existence: food. During the months of March and April, we are working to create healthy habits surrounding the creation and consumption of food within our nation!  Changing any sort of habit can be difficult, so we put together a few challenges to get us started.

  • Start small
    • Try swapping out your normal snacks for healthier options.
    • Make shopping lists before you get to the store. Look at what you buy every week, and compare it to what you want to be eating.
    • Work up to your goals, and don’t try to drastically change overnight. If you want to cut out unhealthy foods, start by making one or two healthy meals a week.
  • Plan ahead
    • Make meal plans for the week ahead, and try to stick to them.
    • Have contingency plans: what do you do if you are hungry while not at home? What if you’re tired, or nothing looks appetizing? Think about when you would stick to your plans, or be willing to change them.
    • Plan for real life. You will not always cook homemade meals or eat only healthy food, and that’s okay.
  • Stay motivated
    • Write out why you want to change your habits. Put this list somewhere you will see it regularly. 
    • Invite your friends over to share a meal with you. 
    • Take pride in every small accomplishment! Any amount of change is better than not trying at all.


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