The theme for March and April is helping others with and through food. Not only can gifts of food be extremely helpful, but every community has food insecure populations that can benefit from your help. For the next two months, we are focusing on learning about how food affects those around us.

  • Learn about your local community
    • Research food insecurity in your community. Find out what your local government is doing to help solve this problem.
    • Check out the organizations and community efforts to help those experiencing food insecurity. You may be surprised by how many (or how few) are there.
    • Talk to the businesses around you and see if they have any programs in place to donate unused food items.
  • Share What You Can
    • Invite friends over to share a meal with you.
    • If you have a garden, think about sharing your crop with neighbors.
    • Look for holiday events that focus on giving food to those in the community, such as Christmas feasts of sharing.
  • Volunteer Where You Find the Opportunity
    • See if you can make and deliver meals to those around you. Many organizations have meal lists where you can sign up to do this.
    • Help with food drives. If there is not one going on, ask your local food bank if you can start one for them.
    • Visit the community gardens near you. They usually need volunteers, and you can share the harvest with others.


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